Pi-hole Build Guide

16 Nov 2017 5:00 PM | Carlos De Leon (Administrator)

Download the latest image of Raspbian here


(Download the Desktop version because the Lite is command line only)

To write the downloaded image to your microSD card

follow the installation guide here using Etcher:



Boot your Raspberry Pi 3 with the freshly flashed microSD card.

From the Desktop open a terminal window and update your installation

sudo apt-get update

next upgrade your installation

sudo apt-get upgrade

While you wait for the updates to install change your keyboard setup to US 

instead of UK

Install the pi-hole software

sudo curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash

Installation Wizard

Static IP address warning

eth0 for wired connection (accept default)

IPv4 and IPv6 (accept default for both)

Upstream DNS (choose OpenDNS or Google DNS)

Install Web Admin Console (choose default yes)

Collect Logs (choose default yes)

Make a note of the password in the summary screen

Install cronjob GUI

sudo apt-get install gnome-schedule

Configure a cronjob to run weekly and check for updates to the pi-hole software

sudo pihole -up

To view and manage your pi-hole use the static IP you noted in the beginning of 

the install wizard and type it into your web browser. For additional setting 

choose log in from the left menu and use your recorded password

Configure your home router (Gateway) to use pi-hole

Find out the IP to the gateway on your home network

Type it into a web browser and login with your admin credentials

Find the DNS settings and change it to:

DNS1 (pi-hole static IP)

DNS2 (OpenDNS or Google DNS IP)

Find your DHCP settings and make sure that the start and end IP range does 

not include the static IP you configured on your pi-hole. Change the range if 

you need to make a reservation. Usually setting start at x.x.x.100 and end at 

x.x.x.254 should be enough if your pi-hole IP is less than x.x.x.99.


  • 22 Dec 2017 3:24 PM | Alan Frost (Administrator)
    Excellent write-up Thanks :)
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